“Fall Back” Into Better Habits

October 14th is Canadian Thanksgiving, or Columbus Day state-side. And on November 3rd, the clocks “fall-back” returning a precious hour of sleep to children everywhere the Sunday after Halloween. Don’t you love the small slow-down of school holidays? Isn’t it amazing how much more we seem to accomplish when daylight savings gifts us that extra hour?

Mid-October to early November can be the perfect time of the year to regroup. The frenzy of back-to-school is behind most families and the countdown to the holidays has yet to officially begin. Parents have a view on which back-to-school  purchases have proven to be worthwhile. Kids may be considering items that didn’t make the cut in August or September for an upcoming birthday or holiday gift. And at Gifting Sense, we are all about just those very types of small but meaningful opportunities to teach children about the importance of thinking before buying.

Mid-October to early November can be the perfect time of year to regroup. The frenzy of back-to-school is behind families, and “Holiday 2019” has yet to officially begin.

Questions that may have already crossed your dinner table could include:

  1. How well does that new knapsack distribute the weight of  your gym clothes and homework when you are walking home?
  2. Are the new soccer cleats holding up against a rainy fall?
  3. Did those new jeans really shrink 2 inches the first time they were washed?
  4. Is a new laptop going to be necessary before the end of this school year?
  5. Does the new Middle School commute take more (or less) time or money than your family anticipated?
  6. Are adjustments to allowance or wake-up times necessary or possible?

After taking kids through financial literacy workshops, we know from experience that almost every purchase has something to teach children about the value of a dollar. Items that don’t work the way their manufacturer said they would, underscore the importance of knowing about return policies and warranties. Items that do exactly what they are supposed to drive home the importance of taking care of things, because your son or daughter really loves their new blue suede shoes and wants them to last! All it takes is a short conversation when the opportunity for one naturally arises.

So when your kids are flopped on the family room floor over the next three weekends or so, and you get the chance to comment on what seems to be working or not, consider that our free and safe tools almost always lead to quick but powerful conversations about why this year is or isn’t the right time to see the Rangers play, go to a World Series game, get a new winter coat, or start taking lunch from home. It really can be that easy to “fall-back” into some better financial habits!

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