Teach Your Kids
to Think Before
They Buy

Why Gifting Sense?

Our mission is to teach kids good old fashioned money sense and manners by helping them replace unwanted and under-appreciated gifts with thoughtfully preferred choices. Kids get what they want – parents, families and friends help teach financial literacy and gift etiquette. See for yourself by taking 2 minutes to answer 10-12 questions.

We Teach Financial Literacy

We help kids understand the true value of their requests, and to become more financially literate, by asking them all the questions parents normally want answered before agreeing to spend money.

How much does it really cost?

How often will you really use it?

Do you know and understand the return policy?

Can someone else in your family use it when you are done?

Head Fake

We love Dr. Randy Pausch who coined the phrase “head fake” when describing the indirect learning that took place when Middle School aged children took a course that taught them how to create small computer animated games – but really taught them how to code.

Does it matter if your children learn about the value of a dollar, and the importance of forward planning and manners – while shopping?  Don’t you just want them to learn those lessons early and well?


We know that children often receive gifts they do not use or appreciate. Let’s replace waste with more thought and happiness.

  • Kids learn how much items really cost
  • They learn about the power of planning  and good manners
  • And to think before they buy!

It’s a


Don’t waste time arguing, simply ask your kids to use the DIMS – Does It Make Sense?® Score calculator to see if a purchase is a good idea.

  • Reduce gifting waste
  • Teach your children to think about all the factors involved in making a purchase before they ask for something
  • Be able to share gift choices with friends and family when they ask you what your child would like for an upcoming holiday or birthday gift.

Help Reduce Gifting Waste

The satisfaction you will receive from knowing that no one’s time or money is going to be wasted buying under appreciated and unused gifts is the present you are giving yourself and the rest of your family.


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