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Are you a Teacher with students in Grades 4 through 8? Are you looking for an activity that will help you deliver some fun-damental financial literacy? Why not conduct a Gifting Sense workshop in your own classroom, or online? You’ll find everything you need to do just that on this page.

What have we learned delivering workshops?

Read about our experiences teaching kids how to calculate the DIMS Score for a potential purchase.

Here is a Customizable Handout

Download a customizable handout you can distribute to your students and/or their parents announcing the special activity you have planned.

Check Out the Gifting Sense Glossary

What is a warranty? You know what Sales Tax is, but do your students? Download and distribute the Gifting Sense Glossary. Kids can take it home and post it on the family fridge. Consider confirming the learning that happens during your workshop by incorporating some of the terms into an upcoming vocabulary or math test.

Give Every One of Your Students a Free Gifting Sense Pencil!

Finish your workshop the same way we do, with a smiling reminder for kids to “…sharpen their pencils, and calculate the DIMS Score before (they) ask for, or buy something”. Gifting Sense pencils are free to any educator who requests them. It’s our small way of saying “Thank You Teachers” for everything you do – especially this year!

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