Children aren’t being
thoughtless when they
repeatedly ask their parents
to buy them things – they
are inexperienced!

Our free and safe process (we collect no personal information, require no registration, nor payment) helps children gain experience making better consumer decisions, without spending a dime, in a fun and engaging way.


After they click on a “GET YOUR DIMS SCORE” button, kids begin to understand the full value of a request, and if they will really use and/or appreciate a potential purchase, by answering 6-8 simple questions, such as:

  1. “How much do the Basketball shoes cost?”,
  2. “What are the Sales Tax or shipping costs?”,
  3. “How many a times a month will you use them?”,
  4. or, in the case of an experience, “What are the safe transportation costs of going to an NHL or NBA Game?”

By answering another 10-12 quick questions, such as:

  1. “Do you have a sibling who could wear this coat when you outgrow it?”, or
  2. “Is this an item you need for Middle or High School?”

they can calculate a DIMS (Does It Make Sense?) Score®. This number between 1 and 10 helps young people understand if a potential purchase is more of a want (DIMS SCORE 1-6), or a need (DIMS SCORE 7-10).

An automatically generated pdf summary of all the math and thinking children complete when calculating DIMS SCOREs can be shared – to help discuss the pros and cons of a possible purchase – or when appropriate, graciously ask for a birthday or holiday (or back-to-school or graduation…) gift, that might make sense.

It only takes about three minutes for kids to get to the point where families or classrooms can have a relaxed but guided discussion about spending. The resulting conversations take longer of course, but are so worth it!


We have three different calculators that help teach financial literacy. In each, Gifting Sense asks kids the questions parents typically want answered before they agree to help buy something.

Cost-Per-Use or Wear

Our most commonly used calculator for calculating how much clothing, toys, electronics and other items will really be used.

Total Cost

For experiences which makes sure that the safe transportation, snack, and souvenir costs are considered and not just the price of admission.

DIMS – Does It Make Sense?® Score Calculator

For generating a DIMS SCORE® from 1–10 intended to help kids and their parents understand if a requested gift makes sense.

We Help Teach Financial Literacy

Our process offers a quick but meaningful burst of “just-in-time” financial education, the type that studies show is best at building lasting financial literacy. In a little over three minutes kids answer all the questions adults normally want answered before agreeing to spend money, learn the power of planning, and perhaps most importantly how to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Common Questions

What are the sales tax and shipping costs?

Some of the questions parents almost always want answered when spending money are very simple, like “What are the sales tax and shipping costs?” because they know from experience that the price of an item is just the beginning of what it costs to actually receive it on-time.

Some of the questions parents often like answered when spending money are more involved, such as “How often will those snow boots get worn in a climate prone to rain?” because they know from experience you should spend the most on items that you will use the most.

How often will those snow boots get worn in a climate prone to rain?

Can you dance in those shoes?

And some of the questions parents want answered can be emotionally charged and hard to ask, like “Can you dance in those shoes?” But parents know from experience, that going to a school dance is much more fun when the outfit being worn allows for full participation!

Reduce Waste

Reduce Waste and Increase Happiness

Our vision is a world where children are financially literate, environmentally aware, consumers. We believe that by providing a way for kids to more carefully consider what they might like to receive for an upcoming birthday or holiday gift, we can substantially reduce waste and increase financial well-being at the same time!


Does It Make Sense?

By taking about two minutes to work through our on-screen calculators, children can prepare themselves to have the most productive conversations possible with their parents, friends or family members about what they might like to receive for an upcoming birthday or holiday gift.

We like to suggest that children rarely ask for gifts that cannot generate a DIMS – Does It Make Sense?® Score of 8 or more – but of course families can establish their own guidelines. Perhaps everyone in your family will be allowed one or two gifts a year that cannot generate a DIMS SCORE® of 8 or more.

Contributing to Something Greater

Every grandparent, aunt and uncle we spoke to would far rather put their gift dollars towards an item that will be used and appreciated, versus one that will not. Unfortunately, after about age 11, many of the gifts children ask for come with price tags that exceed what individual gift givers typically spend…


Something Greater

PDF Results

So on top of teaching financial literacy, we give you a tool that can be used to organically crowd-fund – because it can make a lot of sense for extended family members to contribute to one larger more meaningful gift, versus buying several smaller, less useful gifts on their own.

That tool is an automatically generated PDF summary of all the thinking and math children have done when they calculate the DIMS SCORE® for a wish-list item. Parents can forward the PDF to any family member who is asking “What would Susan like?” for an upcoming holiday or birthday gift.

Getting Together

Financial Literacy is a Gift That Adds Up!

Kids get what they really want while learning about the awesome power of forward planning and good manners. Parents feel better knowing their children are learning to think before they buy – and that no one’s time or money is being wasted. Landfills receive fewer under appreciated gifts. It’s a win-win-win. But don’t just take our word for it – ask your kids to calculate the DIMS SCORE® in advance of their next request – and see for yourself.


Gifting Sense

Teaching them to think before they buy is the best gift you can give them!