Born Before the Smartphone?

Next month, Gifting Sense will have a new technology booth at Tech Up For Women’s annual conference in New York City. A collaborative technology hub specifically designed to take the fear factor out of all things “tech” for all women in all levels of business (and life), its conference has grown from a small group of women interested in learning how to better use and apply technology, to an event worthy of the mighty Javits Centre. (The Javits Centre is a New York City icon, home to events such as ComicCon – the massive annual convention for admirers of comic books, their production and characters.)

We attended the Tech Up For Women conference last year and were duly impressed with the range of topics covered (Block Chain to Philanthropy), and experiences described. The team at Tech Up for Women recognized that the Gifting Sense project didn’t evolve out of thin air – someone had to come up with the concept, wire frame the website, engage developers and programmers, write content, and conduct workshops – and that someone was a woman, who was comfortable with desk top publishing software, but certainly not coding!

Tech Up For Women 2019 is a one-day event & engagement platform for the advancement of women in technology through education, resourcing, collaboration, & networking.

But do you know what happens when you are in a large space filled with other people who suspect technology can make the world they work and live in better?

  1. You find out that most people start missions knowing less than they would like to.
  2. You find out that when your mission is authentic and meaningful, people want to help.
  3. You find out that technology isn’t that terrifying and can actually be harnessed in some pretty unique, yet straightforward, and incredibly efficient ways.

Want to know more? Consider joining 1000 other women on November 19th when they come together to listen, learn, connect, advance, and support those of us who have come to discover that technology is not only essential, but feasible, even if you were born decades before the smartphone!

And if you want to see what caught Tech Up For Women’s attention, click on the pink or green buttons below and learn how to give the young people in your life one of the best gifts ever: fundamental financial literacy.

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