Gifting Sense Is On Outschool!

At the end of the 2020/2021 academic year, it was suggested to us that we make Gifting Sense workshops available on the Online Learning Platform “Outschool”, where learners can take small group classes from anywhere. Because we had experienced throughout the pandemic that most of what makes our in-classroom workshops engaging still takes place when we Zoom with students, we thought the suggestion was a good one. We further investigated the platform, liked what we saw, and applied.

Outschool teachers are police and background checked and classes are vetted to ensure they are safe, age-appropriate, objective and secular. We are proud to announce that not only have we been approved for families, but also schools. The latter approval is only granted to organizations that have completed additional privacy training.

So while back-to-school 2021 is unlikely to usher in an immediate and complete return to the sort of in-person learning and after-school programming that we were used to before the pandemic, please know there is now another way to schedule and execute a Gifting Sense workshop. (If you don’t see a section listed that works for your family or students, please use the “Ask a Question” button at the bottom of the Outschool Class Listing to request a time that would work with your schedule.)

As Outschool has to be compensated for use of their safe and secure Zoom platform, and demand for workshops keeps growing, there is a fee for Money-Smarts 101: Thinking Before Buying Is A Powerful & Rewarding Life Skill!. But if that fee is stopping you from giving one of the best gifts ever, (the habit of thinking before buying!), please write to us and we will investigate ways to reimburse you once a workshop has been completed. Please also note that at times throughout the year, schools and families may also apply for free programming from here.

2021/2022 will be the third academic year impacted by Covid-19.  We hope this newest delivery method will make it as easy as possible for parents and educators everywhere to teach their family and students about the importance and power of thinking before buying (TBB). As anyone who has spent with time with us already knows, TBB does NOT mean you never get to buy anything fun; it just means you plan your spending to avoid being disappointed and help protect the planet.

Most of what makes our interactive hands-on in-classroom workshops engaging…

  1. Calculating the DIMS (Does It Make Sense?) Score for a current wish-list item,
  2. Learning that thinking before buying does NOT mean you never get to buy anything fun, just that you plan your spending to avoid being disappointed and help protect the planet, and
  3. Automatically generating a shareable pdf summary of all the math and thinking a child has completed…

also takes place when we Zoom with students, which is why we thought the suggestion to offer workshops on Outschool was a good one. We hope you’ll agree.

To learn more about calculating the DIMS – Does It Make Sense? Score for a possible purchase, click on the pink or green buttons below.

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