The “Learn More” Buttons

We have already received quite a bit of feedback about our organization, site and service, which we love. Thank You so much. Oftentimes people ask us why a DIMS – Does It Make Sense?® Score question is worded the way it is – or scored the way it is. So we created the DIMS SCORE® blog series to take you through the journey of thinking that lead to each one of the questions you see in our Gift Surveys today. This post discusses the “Learn More” buttons.

Gifting Sense is a unique platform in that our “customers” are parents, educators, and guardians – but our users are kids. So when we designed the site, our first task was to explain to parents and teachers what we offer. But our second and equally as important task was to create a user experience for children that helped teach them to think before they buy – in a quick and engaging way. As our users can range in age from 8 to 19, we knew they would be best served if we used the simplest language we could; even though some concepts, like warranties, aren’t always simple. As you might be guessing by now – we found ourselves in a balancing act.

We knew that too much information in the body of DIMS (Does It Make Sense) Score questions “muddied the waters”. But we are an ambitious lot at Gifting Sense. We truly believe kids can become thoughtful consumers. So we created the “Learn More” buttons to ensure deeper and thorough learning, but keep the process of moving through a Gift Survey brisk, with uncluttered easy-to-read screens.

The pdf summaries which are automatically generated when children complete a Gift Survey, illustrate all the math and thinking that kids have gone through. So when you receive a pdf you will know exactly which questions helped your child or student decide if a gift could make sense or not. If a question strikes you as a little simple, please consider visiting the question “on-site” and click the “Learn More” button beneath it. We hope it will reveal more of the kind of detailed information you might be looking for – about warranties, return policies, style choices, whatever. And if you think we can improve upon the information you see there, please drop us an email.

If you have any other questions, any at all, as you explore and learn about our site, please write to us. As we are new, we know we can improve and expand upon our offering. We are currently collecting development suggestions for Version 2.0 and would love to add your feedback. Help us help you teach your kids to think before they buy – we truly believe it’s one of the best gifts you will ever give them!

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