Two Gifts for the Price of One

It’s our birthday this week! Two years ago we pushed the send button on an email invitation to a new website that was specifically designed to help children quickly acquire some fundamental money smarts, for free. As we head into Holiday 2017, we’re looking forward to helping more families than ever teach their kids to think before, they ask to buy.

Because parents have so much on their plates, we knew our process had to be easy to use, effective and safe. Of course there is always room for improvement, but people are telling their friends about Gifting Sense Gift Surveys, and how 2 minutes completing one can pave the way for some terrific family conversations about gifts and spending.

“Gifting Sense gives my children an opportunity to pause and think about the gifts they are asking for…and see the REAL cost of their chosen item including taxes, shipping, etc…”

Congratulations to Rachael from Enniskillen, Ontario who in honour of the second anniversary of our launch will be receiving a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card for her description of how DIMS – Does It Make Sense? Scores work in her family:

Gifting Sense gives my children an opportunity to pause and think about the gifts they are asking for. The DIMS SCORE® is a great way to tell the difference between something they will really use and enjoy and a passing fad by answering questions like, “How many times a week will you use this item?” and “Would you spend some of your own money to buy this item?”. I like that it gives my kids a chance to see the REAL cost of their chosen item INCLUDING taxes, shipping, etc.   My children are 15, 8 and 3 – Gifting Sense can help each one of them!

DIMS (Does It Make Sense) Score

Think you can’t make your children’s holiday dreams come true and teach them a little about where money comes from, how it gets spent, and why it should be respected? Introduce your family to Gifting Sense Gift Surveys and witness first-hand what Rachael and so many others have experienced: The habit of thinking before buying is actually one of the best gifts you can ever give your kids. And instilling that habit doesn’t have to “cost” the simple pleasure of fulfilling a holiday wish-list. In fact, what Gift Surveys can help parents deliver, is two gifts for the price of one – the requested item and/or experience,  and a healthy dose of fundamental financial literacy. Click on the pink or green buttons below to see how today!

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