Hostess Gifts Meant to be Re-Gifted: Holiday Hack #1

Welcome to the Holiday Hacks blog series where we quickly describe ways to get kids more involved in the spirit of Christmas and Hanukkah – for yes, less. Our first entry is a stroke of brilliance on the part of a mother in New Jersey. Sarah volunteers at a charity that supplies essentials to at-risk mothers of infants, so every year when she hosts her annual carolling party, the invitation reads as follows: “If you feel you must bring something, please bring diapers for the Area Baby Centre”. After years of hosting, Sarah knows people don’t like to show up empty-handed. But by “thoughtfully preferring” what she would like to receive, she helps make sure her guests are purchasing hostess gifts that will truly be used and appreciated. Everyone knows the diapers are going to be “regifted” – and they feel great about it – knowing they are honouring Sarah as a hostess and volunteer in the community.

This holiday season, we at Gifting Sense encourage you and yours to thoughtfully prefer all of your gifts. Learn how by clicking on the pink or green buttons below.

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