About Us

WHAT ARE WE?  We are a passion project, not a revenue generator. There is no hidden fee structure. We are a free public good. We offer a free online/mobile service that helps children get ready for all of the personal finance decisions that lie in their future – by having them thoughtfully consider what they might to like receive for birthday or holiday gifts – which teaches them how to think before they buy. We regularly deliver free, hands-on, interactive, in-classroom (via Zoom) web-based workshops, but are available wherever there is internet access. Our process merely encourages kids to get into the habit of answering some fundamental but important questions before spending money. Questions like “How often am I likely to wear this jacket?”, “What is the delivered-on-time cost of these soccer cleats?” or “What’s the full cost of going to a concert, including safe transportation, snacks and souvenirs?” because the ticket price is only the beginning!

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? We meet children, “where they are”, in the very moments they are considering various age-appropriate purchases. We believe that thinking before buying is the cornerstone of financial literacy. Which is why we believe that the habit of thinking before buying (TBB), is one of the best gifts a child could ever receive. And we don’t think it’s that hard a gift to give! Our DIMS – Does It Make Sense?® Score Calculators and Potential Purchase Quizzes (“Gift Surveys”) offer quick but meaningful just-in-time lessons on how to spend wisely; the type of lessons studies show best develop lasting financial well-being.

HOW DO WE GET THE JOB DONE? We move being financially responsible from boring to rewarding! When are kids truly interested in learning about money? When they want some! Which is why they willingly complete Gift Surveys when asked. Sure, they do it to “get what they want”, but parents and educators know that what their son, daughter or student, is really getting, is a burst of financial knowledge, paired with the opportunity to make a small (spending) behaviour change. Our process includes just enough structure (it costs how much?), and removes just enough emotion (no more FOMO!), that children are able grasp a very important fact: Thinking before buying does NOT mean that you never get to buy anything fun.


  1. We help children experience that thinking before buying is a powerful and rewarding life skill, that allows them to avoid disappointment, reduce waste, and protect the planet, without spending a dime.
  2. We help immediate and extended family members reduce waste by preventing the purchase of gifts that are likely to be under-appreciated and therefore under-utilized, if used at all.
  3. We spare the environment additional landfill contributions in the form of “gently-used” clothing  and toys.

WHO ARE WE? Gifting Sense was founded by Economist and Mom, Karen Holland – who credits her own mother with teaching her how to spend wisely from an early age. She worked with parents, teachers, and digital development professionals to climb her “Second Mountain” and create the site you see today – which has been specifically designed to deliver “fun-damental” financial literacy in the most engaging way possible. Her dream is that one day very soon, kids won’t even think about asking for, or buying something, unless they know it’s DIMS Score®!

We’re An Atomic Habit!

We’ve recently become aware of the fact that calculating the DIMS Score® for a possible purchase is an atomic habit. (Thank You Dylan Ingerman and James Clear!) Learn what an atomic habit is, and why we are so pleased to be one.



Gifting Sense Is On Outschool!

There are now four ways you can illustrate to kids the awesome power of thinking before buying without spending a dime: have them calculate the DIMS Score for a possible purchase at home, at school in class, at school via Zoom, or on Outschool!