Boxing Day Date: Holiday Hack #9

Welcome to the Holiday Hacks blog series, where we quickly describe ways to get kids more involved in the spirit of Christmas and Hanukkah – for, yes, less. Our ninth hack embraces a uniquely Canadian (read British) tradition, Boxing Day sales.

December 26th is one day you just might be able to get a coveted sweater or ski jacket for literally half price, if you can be comfortable with your still-growing kids receiving notice of a Boxing Day Date (BDD) on the eve of Hanukkah or Christmas. BDD notices should include the anticipated time of departure for the store or mall in question, the amount that can be spent, and maybe even a suggestion of a celebratory lunch, e.g. “And we’ll visit that bagel shop you love on the way back home.” Retailers are particularly likely to place seasonal items on steep discount immediately following Christmas, which is why kids looking for a new winter jacket, for example, might actually be able to head back to school in January wearing something they love, without breaking the bank.

The Gifting Sense DIMS (Does It Make Sense) Score calculators and Gift Surveys also encourage smart shopping, as they automatically calculate the cost-per-wear of a possible purchase, clearly illustrating why it may not make sense to spend quite so much on a jacket that might not fit next year. To learn more, click on the pink or green button below.

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