Consignment Store Couture: Holiday Hack #8

Welcome to the Holiday Hacks blog series, where we quickly describe ways to get kids more involved in the spirit of Christmas and Hanukkah – for, yes, less. Our eighth hack might be one you have heard before, but this year, we really encourage you to try it: consignment store couture. If you have high school-aged children, they might be invited to their first semi-formal or New Year’s Eve party this holiday season. So, on top of everything else, they will be looking for a fancy new outfit, which realistically will only ever be worn once!

Consignment stores are the perfect solution to this dilemma. This type of retailing looks very different from what you might expect; modern-day consignment stores often have carefully edited racks of very pretty, hardly worn, if not brand new party dresses for sometimes as little as ten cents on the dollar. If your daughter balks at the suggestion, offer to match every dollar she doesn’t spend under a certain threshold as a way to incentivize her to “shop smartly.” Explain that you would rather put your hard-earned money towards an item she will use on a daily basis, such as winter boots, a coat, or even a watch.

Gifting Sense Gift Surveys also encourage smart shopping as they automatically calculate the cost-per-wear of a possible clothing purchase, clearly illustrating why you want to spend the most on everyday items. To learn more, click on the pink or green buttons below.

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