Family Day in December: Bonus Holiday Hack

Welcome to the Holiday Hacks blog series, where we quickly describe ways to get kids more involved in the spirit of Christmas and Hanukkah – for, yes, less. Our thirteenth hack (let’s make it a Baker’s Dozen) comes to us from a reader: Have “Family Day” in December, in between the 26th and 31st.

“Family Day” is usually a Monday attached to a weekend in February, but Linda’s family celebrates theirs’ in between Christmas and New Years, when even if some members have to work, hours and expectations tend to be smaller, making “a night off” truly achievable. “The kids don’t have homework, hockey or dance class. Work projects tend not to loom in the lead up to December 31st. We’ve just found that that is when we can actually hang out together, relax and enjoy. Someone always seems to have a giant book report or professional deadline in the offing come February.”

Every year they survey the troops for ideas, pick a date, and commit to just enjoying each other’s company… watching a favourite movie, eating in a favourite restaurant, or even just sharing take-out in the comfort of their own kitchen. One year Linda won a certificate to transform videos into discs and they spent the night walking down memory lane, watching each of the three kids take their first steps.

To consider an experience that your family might enjoy during a “Family Day in December,” click on the pink button below. The DIMS (Does It Make Sense) Score questions (for an experience versus an item) can help you recall a memory you’d all enjoy revisiting, e.g. “Ask your parents how old they were when they went to their first movie?”

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