Happy Half Birthday Gifting Sense!

Exactly six months ago, on Friday November 13th, 2015 we pressed the send button on an email announcing that Gifting Sense was live. Since then, we’ve been in newspaper(s), on TV and in a Podcast. We’ve won a #ProductBrag Competition and the affection of parents across Canada and the United States. Why? Because we’re helping them give their kids quick but meaningful lessons on how to spend wisely, free of charge.

From the bottom of our hearts, “Thank You”, to all of the people and organizations that have helped us since our launch. Read, watch and hear about our ongoing mission to teach kids everywhere the tremendous importance of thinking before buying in the five media excerpts below. And if you are so-inclined, drop us a line and wish us a Happy Half Birthday.

Globe & Mail personal finance columnist Rob Carrick was the first person to give us a shout-out in his Money Matters Column. You have to imagine how thrilled we were to have captured Mr. Carrick’s attention.  After eighteen months in development, we knew from our pilots and beta-testing that we were onto something, but having a respected columnist from a national newspaper introduce us to his readers, certainly felt like a pretty great start.

Global News took us on the road in December. They interviewed children and parents, illustrating why kids need our quick and simple process to help them understand the true value of their requests. Children aren’t thoughtless when they repeatedly ask their parents to buy them things, they are inexperienced. Our quick mobile surveys were specifically designed to allow kids to gain experience making better consumer choices in a safe and engaging way. Read about their now archived coverage.

In the New Year, we received the opportunity to compete in the Open Mic #ProductBrag competition at ProductHunt Toronto’s FinTech Event, hosted by Daryna Kulya. Much to our surprise and delight, we won! “What is one of the best gifts parents can ever give their children? Financial Literacy of course.” As we explained to the assembled professionals that night,  we believe children can receive the things they want and learn a little something about the value of a dollar. Check out the Tweets that snagged us first place.

When Hilary Roth was writing an article for the Help! We’ve Got Kids Parent Resource Directory, she was sent in our direction. Read her thorough piece to discover all sorts of practical ways to teach kids about money. “Once your child has some money, their eyes might be bigger than their piggy bank…encourage them to research how much each item costs, where they can get it, and how long it will take them to save up for it…Having trouble getting kids to think before they buy…?”

Finally, listen to our Founder and Clark Howard Show Senior Producer Kim Drobes discuss how Gift Surveys can prevent people from both giving and receiving that “sweater that never gets worn”.  Nationally renowned “Advice You Can Trust, Money In Your Pocket” American personal finance expert Clark Howard loves our work and we love his. (Click on the second podcast.)

When kids complete Gift Surveys as part of preparing wish or shopping lists, they are receiving quick but meaningful lessons on how to spend wisely at exactly the moment they are the most open to receiving those lessons: When they want something.

When purchasing items that have been “thoughtfully preferred” via completed Gift Surveys, parents and extended family members save both time and money, knowing that they are spending their hard-earned dollars on possessions or experiences that will truly be used or appreciated. The planet is spared the stockpiling of under-used items in landfills. Kids learn about the value of a dollar. Its a win-win-win.

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